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Park Hotel & Terme Romantica offers specialized treatments in our thermal spa

The Park Hotel and Terme Romantica, located in the island of Ischia, is proud to provide its guests with a Thermal Center that offers a complete set of services for health and relax. That's why our structure is the best known thermal hotel in Ischia. our highly qualified staff offers full assistance to our guests, with the sole aim to help them maximize the benefits of those treatments as thermal mud baths and massages. we also offer a number of solutions for your health, including thermal inhalations and aerosols, electrotherapy, and beauty treatments. Come on in, and learn more about the thermal cures available for our guests at the Ischia Thermal Center.

Moreover, our Beauty Center will make sure that your next vacation in Ischia will be truly memorable. Our hotel is located in the renowned Island of Ischia, the largest in the stunning Bay of Naples, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Through centuries, this place that has always been associated with wellness and relax. That's why the Park Hotel and Terme Romantica provides its customers with a fully equipped Beauty Center in Ischia. Our services include many types of massage, facials, manicures, pedicures and many other specialized treatments.

The other important feature of our structure is the attention to the health of our guests. That's why the Park Hotel and Terme Romantica is proud to offer a vast selection of thermal cures. Ischia is well known for its thermal springs and special mud, used for health and relax. Discover all of the treatments available at our Beauty Center in Ischia.

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