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the 60th anniversary of Romantica.

Dicono di noi

the 60th anniversary of Romantica.



Finding the One. Landing by chance on an island that is not home but becomes home, as if there is an atavistic belonging, which has always existed but was only discovered like this... unexpectedly and Romantically.


Renate and Antonio chose Ischia to realize their dream. Today we toast that dream with an Ischian Gin produced for Romantica by Ischia Sapori to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Romantica Resort & Spa.

Renate e Antonio Rossi Romantica Sant'Angelo
Ph: Renate Roth & Antonio Rossi





It all began in Liguria. Renate was a young German girl working with tourists for her family's travel agency. Antonio was a young man from Milan looking for his fortune, working in a car factory and was in Liguria on vacation with his family.

After a few words they fell in love. A love that crossed lands and seas. The two were married in 1957 and began to plan their life together.

Antonio wanted to move to Canada. As many Italians did at that time, he believed it could be the right place to invest and make a fortune.
Renate would have followed him anywhere. But by chance her business travels brought her to discover Italy until she arrived on the Amalfi Coast.
In Amalfi a local fisherman suggested a trip to Ischia, "the most beautiful island in the gulf," he said. Renate had never heard of it.
Arriving in Sant'Angelo she fell hopelessly in love with Ischia...those colors, those smells, those people...that was the home she had always dreamed of.

When she returned home she told Antonio "before we move to Canada there is an island I want to show you, I think it is the most beautiful place in the world and I would like to live there."
Antonio hesitantly agreed. Arriving in Sant'Angelo he looked at Renate and told her "you were right, let's stay here."

Renate Roth Sant'Angelo 1957 Borgo Romantica
Ph: Renate Roth - Sant'Angelo1957 





Renate's tourism vocation and her family's travel agency encouraged the couple to rent a small guest house in Sant'Angelo d'Ischia (a short walk from the famous "majolica wall").
In 1962, after many efforts and sacrifices, they finally managed to buy a small piece of land on the hill of Sant'Angelo. They had decided to build their hotel.

The villagers were doubtful about the project arguing that on that hill they could only grow vines and raise rabbits.
It was there where they built the first 5 rooms (101-105), the ones that stand today on the "Dreamy Terrace."

The business officially began on May 28, 1963.

From that year on Renate and Antonio invested any savings to buy neighboring plots of land thus expanding the property, the number of rooms and services offered.

Il Terrazzo dei Sogni Romantica

Ph: Renate Roth - Romantica Resort & Spa - The Dreamy Terrace 1966



Thus was born their love nest, now the "Romantica Resort & Spa," which still keeps the identity and name that Renate chose in 1963.


Today The Romantica Resort & Spa is run by the three daughters of the founders, Desirée Carolina and Veronica, who together with their children, Alessia, Lorenzo and Giulia and husbands Gino and Crescenzo carry on the tradition of the Romantica Hospitality exactly as Renate and Antonio would have liked.   




To celebrate this happy event, we decided to create an iconic Gin bottle whose label would Romantically tell the story and love that binds the Rossi family to Sant'Angelo. To do this, we chose to rely on an excellence of the Island of Ischia, Ischia Sapori, world famous for inventing "Rucolino®"Ischia Sapori is the oldest liquor factory on the island of Ischia born thanks to the historical wine experience of the "Perrazzo" winery. The distillery's latest production, on the heels of the most popular trend of the moment, is Rupis, a botanical gin with distinctively Ischitan notes: wild arugula, pipernia (Ischian wild thyme) lemon and arbutus. Unlike London gins, this botanical gin should be served with a neutral tonic in order to enhance its flavor and aromas. We also suggest you try it "on the rocks" as it is an excellent digestive. 

Romantico Gin Gin

We have named it "Romantico Gin Gin" to evoke the toast we hope to make with you for this Romantic(a) story!

"To Sant'Angelo, to Renate and Antonio, to their descendants and to all the staff members who, in these first 60 years, have contributed in doing Hospitality with Love Romantically!"

Sant'Angelo Ischia 1957
Ph: Renate Roth in Rossi - la fondatrice del Romantica Resort & Spa 




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