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Ischia Wellness: techniques for relaxation.


Ischia Wellness: techniques for relaxation.

Ischia is the kingdom of Wellness and Relaxation.
In case of stress and hard time of your life we suggest you take 5/7 days of holiday to regenerate yourself.
In Fact, the best thing to do would get away from everything and everyone. Obviously, Ischia would be the perfect destination
to recharge your batteries and return to your life with new energy.
But if this is not yet possible, due to urgent work commitments or other reasons, we list you below
The 5 best relaxation techniques that will help you feel better until the long-awaited holidays in Ischia.



Tea and herbal teas are considered a warm remedy to calm stress and anxiety.
it is recommended to drink tea and herbal tea regularly even during the warmer seasons to help the natural regulation of the
body temperature, sweating and good mood.
Ischia, thanks to its Mediterranean climate and to the particular organic composition of the soil, is full of herbs
particularly suitable for infusions for relaxation. For example, the leaves of lemon, laurel, hawthorn,
Verbena, Valeriana, Melissa and Tiglio.
We recommend evening intake to facilitate relaxation of the stomach and improve the quality of sleep.


Mantras are part of meditation. They are considered as a very good solution to situations of excessive stress and lack of wellness and relaxation.
The word "Mantra" can be translated from Sanskrit as "instrument of the mind" or "an instrument to free the mind"
It is a meditation technique used to clear the mind of negativity.
It can consist of just one word or a sequence of words, it makes your meditation more effective and brings many spiritual benefits.
The mantra finds its best application when it is related to visualization and breathing.
Try to find a place where you want to travel with the mind, close your eyes, relax and imagine being there, feeling the scents and listening to the sounds.
When you will arrive in Ischia we will take care of your relaxation and we will help you to continue the meditation with daily Yoga sessions.


If you are stressed and you are looking for an immediate state of free wellbeing, you should know that the important thing is always to smile.
Smiling is a natural and physiological secret to fighting stress and immediately feeling good.
Smiling produces dopamine, the happiness hormone, which helps lower blood pressure and lessens heart fatigue.
It also strengthens the immune system, increases your productivity and relieves pain.
Moreover, according to a recent study by Dr. Weems, smiling is the best way of keeping the brain active.
In other words... Smile for a better life!
let's do like @djmanuelcoby who gave us this wonderful smile at the Thermal Park Romantica, thanks, Manuel!
Come to Ischia, we will let you always smile!


Playing sports is essential to relax and rediscover a true state of wellness and inner peace!
Practicing Sport stimulates the production of endorphins which ensure good mood and better helps improve sleep quality.
Furthermore, sport helps clear the mind, to release accumulated tension and regulate adrenaline production.
At the Thermal Park Romantica, we offer free Yoga and aqua gym sessions 6 days a week and guests of the Romantica Resort & Spa can enjoy this benefit for free, 
in addition to tennis and futsal field, bowls, table tennis, mountain bikes, and a Technogym equipped gym.


Thermal water is synonymous of wellness. The Greeks and the Romans had clearly understood that. In fact, they had settled in Ischia to enjoy physical rest and relaxation.
Diving in thermal waters regulates serotonin and improves melatonin production. The natural consequences are improving sleep quality, relaxation, and good humor. 
To these properties is added a natural detox action, in fact within 2 or 3 days, immersion in thermal water stimulates the production of a hormone 
that increases and facilitates diuresis.
Finally, the thermal water is indicated for the Wellness of the skin. It is a perfect detoxifying and exfoliating for the skin and improves tissue oxygenation and microcirculation.
Ischia is the kingdom of thermal water and Wellness
What are you waiting for? Run to Ischia for your relaxation, we'll take care of you!

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