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Welcome to the Romantica Resort & Spa Blog, here we will tell you about our beloved Ischia. We love our Island. This is why we consider the discovery of Ischia a complementary experience to the one of the Resort.

For this reason, we organize at least one trip per week to discover the territory (high season excluded), its scents, traditions and its great beauty.

Moreover we recommend the best places to live authentic experiences of Ischia.

Last stories

Ischia Island

The best beaches of Ischia

8 October 2020
The island of Ischia, thanks to its coastline of 43 km, boasts many different beaches both from the point of view of the sandy composition and the type of bay in which they are located. Below we will introduce you to the most beautiful and famous ones and we will give you some indications to visit
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Ischia Wellness: techniques for relaxation.

19 September 2020
Ischia is the kingdom of Wellness and Relaxation. In case of stress and hard time of your life we suggest you take 5/7 days of holiday to regenerate yourself. In Fact, the best thing to do would get away from everything and everyone. Obviously, Ischia would be the perfect destination to recharge
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24 June 2020
  The Romantic Resort & Spa has opened safely from the 19th of June 2020. The Romantic Resort & Spa has open safely from the 19th of June 2020 . Dear Guest,  This period has deeply changed our lives.  In a short time ur habits, social customs, the small certainties of everyday life have
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Transfer Service

13 June 2020
In this article, we will suggest the easiest and most convenient way to reach the Romantica Resort from Naples Capodichino Airport or Naples Central Station. For over 30 years we have been working with a local cooperative that organizes for us, the transfer service to our Resort. HOW IT WORKS Upon
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Ischia Island

Ischia Film Festival 2021

8 June 2020
ISCHIA FILM FESTIVAL 2021 Ph:   The Ischia film festival was born in 2003 when it had the name "Foreign Film Festival". The art directors of the festival are Michelangelo Messina and Boris Sollazzo.  In 2021 the 19th edition will take place in the spectacular location of the Castello
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Food & Drink

The Rabbit, Ischia-style

11 April 2020
Recipe of the Ischian Style Rabbit Many stars over the centuries have fallen in love with this recipe, as many are the renowned chefs who have prepared and/or reinterpreted the ancient version. Below we will offer you some historical hints of the recipe, a couple of curiosities and the version of
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Ischia Island

The Feast of Saint Anne Ischia island 2021

23 July 2019
Waiting for 26th July 2021: 89th edition of the Sant'Anna Festival in Ischia.   Photo: Tommaso Monti from La Repubblica  The History of Saint Anne Festival  Precisely 87 years ago, in 1932, a small group of friends decided to create an event that today is the Feast of Sant'Anna which is well-
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About us

Ischia: a new way of thinking about tourism

20 July 2019
A few months ago we received the email of Federico, who told us that, when he was still a child, he was our guest with his family. Now Federico is a writer, a journalist and a hotel manager.  The German newspaper marke41 that tells about excellences of marketing asked Federico to make an article on
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Ischia Island

What to do in Ischia

6 July 2019
What to do and see in Ischia? Here we list the main attractions to visit. Ischia is a wonderful island and there is so much to do that a single visit is never enough to enjoy all the beauty it could offer. We invite you to read the original article written by Alessia Peraro for We are Travel Girl
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Food & Drink

Negroni Week for Ischia Plastic Free

6 June 2019
The Romantica Resort & Spa will take part in the Negroni Week which will take place from June 24th to 30th for the second time. The Romantica will support the Wild Foundation for the sustainability of Ischia Plastic Free, seas and coastal areas.                                   HOW DOES IT
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How to reach Ischia island

1 June 2019
In this article, we will give you some advice and links to reach Ischia easily and we invite you to contact us for further specifications.FOR THE SEASON 2020: according to the national and regional protocol anyone can reach the island. Body temperature will be measured at boarding in Naples' harbor
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Ischia Island

The Kingdom of Neptune of Ischia Island

30 May 2019
Since 2007 the sea around Ischia is part of the marine protected area called "the Kingdom of Neptune". The marine protected area "Regno di Nettuno", which extends between the islands of Ischia, Procida and Vivara, is rich of a thousand beauties that we are going to tell you. But before going into
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