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Ischia Film Festival 2019

Ischia Island

Ischia Film Festival 2019

The Ischia film festival was born in 2003 when it had the name "Foreign Film Festival". The art directors of the festival are Michelangelo Messina and Boris Sollazzo. 
From June 29th to July 6th, the 17th edition will take place in the spectacular location of the Castello Aragonese.
The festival aims to give prestige to the locations of the films by conferring artistic recognition to the extraordinary works, directors, to the directors of the photography and set designers, who enhance Italian and foreign destinations by increasing the phenomenon of cine tourism.
The cinema in fact, especially in the last decades, has been a powerful means for popular destinations as well as for unknown but precious centers and villages to increase their appeal and fame through the national and international distribution.
Ph: From Cleopatra by il dispari quotidiano 
Ischia is certainly among these wonderful places. Below there are the most important works. We invite you to consult the complete list.
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On November 26th, 2018, the Oscar-winning director for "The Last Emperor" Bernardo Bertolucci is honored by the Ischia Film Festival and by all film lovers.
The exhibition curated by Antonio Maraldi will be open to the public for the duration of the festival at the Bourbon Prison of the Aragonese Castle.
It consists of twenty-three blow-ups of film sets and the tribute will be enriched by the screening of Ultimo tango in Paris, presented by Professor Augusto Sainati.


To access the complete program of events and screenings, we invite you to consult the official website of the Ischia Film Festival THE PROGRAM 

All the events of the festival will take place in the Aragonese Castle in different locations.
Access to the festival is on payment and you can choose between the different formulas listed below:
  • Single evening ticket € 15
  • 2-night ticket € 24
  • 3-night ticket € 32 
  • Weekly ticket € 50
With any of the previous formulas you will have access to all the permitted areas of the castle, the scheduled screenings and the photo exhibition area.
Access is permitted until seats are exhausted and tickets can be purchased at the Ischia Film Festival info point located at Piazzale Aragonese in the village of Ischia Ponte, about 300 meters from the entrance of the Aragonse Castle.
We remind you that the admission ticket is not a ticket for a single film and does not constitute a reservation for seats.
To access the halls there is an elevator but we there are several steps and the route can be complicated for those with mobility difficulties.
  • Film Projections 9 PM - 11 PM 
  • Access to the Castle  8.15 PM – 11 PM
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After the Negroni week, Campari decided to sponsor the Ischia Film Festival to strengthen its bond with the big screen. Campari created his image inspired by the traditional Italian aperitif and the lifestyle of our beautiful country.
Following are the words of Lorenzo Sironi, Senior Marketing Director of Campari Italy “Taking part in this initiative is a source of great pride for us. The cinema represents one of the most important aspects as it has great communicative power, essential for a brand like ours.
Combining this strong bond with the safeguard and the enhancement of the Italian territory, our satisfaction increases even more”.

We, therefore, invite you to not miss the fantastic Campari aperitif at the Castello Cocktail Area "Terrazza Caffetteria" and the "Terrazza degli Ulivi" Dinner Area.


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