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The art of making you feel at home for more than 50 years


Park Hotel & Terme Romantica is the largest Resort on the Isle of Ischia. 45,000 square metres with a vantage point that overlooks the beautiful and exclusive Village of Sant'Angelo. Nestled in the lush green of its gardens, in the silence of its scenic areas and in the relaxation of its Thermal Park, you can regenerate yourself in both Body and Mind.

Come to enjoy with us a romantic experience #LiveaRomanticaExperience

Come for the Romantica Experience

chose Park Hotel & Terme Romantica because of its magnificent location that provides a spectacular view of the beautiful Village of Sant’Angelo. The town is just a 10 minute stroll away on foot and it can be reached using the free shuttle service. On the other hand there is the fortunate opportunity to take shelter in an oasis of peace and tranquillity in order to enjoy the luxury of this place.


Thermal Park

I decided to go to Romantica because of its wonderful Thermal Park. When you choose Romantica you have the good fortune of being able to enjoy a Thermal Garden with no less than 13 small and large Thermal pools, all included in the price. A unique place where you can relax and regenerate far from the chaotic hustle and bustle of daily life.


The Spa

I decided to book at the Romantica Resort because they offered me the opportunity to combine therapeutic treatments I needed (mud and massages) with beauty treatments that I was interested in. I was happy that I chose Romantica because here they combine a high level of professionalism with painstaking attention to the smallest needs of the customer. We'll be back soon!


The Gardens

I chose Romantica because I needed to get away from it all and find a place where I could enjoy some well-deserved rest. A friend of mine had been there a few years ago, and she suggested it saying “it is a Paradise immersed in gardens where you hear birds chirping and locusts singing.” I found my happy oasis in the world! I'll be back!



I came to Romantica to enjoy the sun, the Thermal baths and a little relaxation and I met some fantastic people with whom I established a rapport that goes beyond the customer-staff relationship. I found friends, nice people who are always willing to do their job in a superb way with a smile on their faces.

I can't wait to come back and embrace them again.



Various reasons led me to choose Park Hotel and Terme Romantica The Thermal Park, the sport structures, the location, the private beaches, the opportunity to have mud treatments within the same structure. But the thing that surprised me was definitely the cooking. The widely varied menu, the excellent dishes and the variety of appetizers at dinner is enough to give this wonderful Resort an extra star! The food is excellent, all included in the full board price!



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